recordings and sketches

I’ve just added some content to the website which will be of much interest to the three people from Ukraine who have bookmarked my page. This last July I was part of an album recording that featured the best comedians in Denver who were available. You can hear me make some unresearched claims about the Clintons, among other things, on track 23. Also, I’ve added a link to the Middlename YouTube channel, where you can see me pretending to be a chef and a homeless guy.

“tour” dates added

The other day a comic asked me if I was on tour. I was eating cheese in a Holiday Inn outside of Albuquerque. So technically I was on tour. But to me, “on tour” implies throwing televisions out of hotel windows, group sex, and satanic rituals. So I’m reluctant to call what I do touring. What I do is sit in a hotel room, go tell jokes for a half hour, and then sit in the hotel room again. Ideally at some point in that framework I have time to eat some cheese.

Anyway, I’ve posted my shows here on the website. Come see me talk about cheese in person.

new website

I just made this website because I was getting sick of telling people who ask me if I have a website that I really probably should have one. I’m going to post my schedule here and someday maybe even sell mugs and koozies.