chapel perilous

The downtime we all apparently asked for psychically has given me the chance to launch a new podcast. My buddy Corey Cooley and I named the thing Chapel Perilous, as a kind of homage to Robert Anton Wilson, who we both love. It’s a comedy podcast that attempts, as Wilson did, to dismantle ideologies. If that sounds pretentious it’s because it is. We’re both highfaluting assholes. And it takes one to know one. So we’re in a good position to call each other on our bullshit (or Belief Systems, as R.A.W. would say). The aim is, when ideology is gone, we can all remember how to think again. God knows, if we don’t, this whole “humanity” experiment will be over shortly.

slow return to normalcy

I hope all of you are wearing at least three masks while reading this. Good news and bad news. In exchange for your first and fourth amendment rights, you will be receiving several stipends from daddy Trump. Also, my site is being updated, but it’s best you get several vaccines before viewing the new content. I’ve added some new podcast appearances. And shows are beginning to happen again. Hope to see you all soon. For everyone that social distances at a show I will request a sick audience member to cough in my mouth.

show cancellations due to genetic warfare

To avoid any de-ranking I won’t address the recent hullabaloo by name, but suffice it to say that the disease that Harvard scientist cooked up has had a big impact on the entertainment world, and all of my shows in late March have been cancelled or postponed. This is the worst thing to happen to comedy since the me too movement. What was I saying about de-ranking? Anyhow, stay tuned for updates. Hopefully, only the people who enjoy being sick will participate in this experiment, and the rest of us will resume our lives shortly.

headlining new club in Boulder!

Tonight I’m headlining a brand new comedy club called Laugh Lines in Boulder. I started in Boulder and I’m very excited that my first real club headlining gig (where I’m not a co-headliner) is back where I started. Tickets are sold out but if you have some amanita pantherina I can pull some strings for you.


got promoted at the Comedy Works!

This past Tuesday I got passed into the paid professional roster at the Denver Comedy Works (the exemplar comedy club as far as I’m concerned) and I’m very proud to join the ranks. Thank Shiva for Wende Curtis, for giving me the opportunity to prove myself on her stage. I’m also indebted to the late David Gray for giving me my start there. If it weren’t for them I would be slinging drugs or something even worse, like mutual funds. I’ll get to do some longer sets at the club now and I couldn’t be more excited.

san antonio this weekend

This weekend I’m performing at Laugh Out Loud in San Antonio, Texas, land of a thousand hotels. I’ve been informed that there is a city here but I can’t see anything but highway. I am enjoying some local cuisine though, got some string cheese from Walmart and the hotel was kind enough to supply me with a hardboiled egg.

hell yes fest this weekend

I’m in New Orleans this weekend for the Hell Yes Fest. This city is like Paris and Las Vegas had a one night stand. What Hurricane Katrina did to the city, the Me Too Movement did to this comedy festival. But when there is shrimp étouffée in your mouth it’s hard to give a shit about anything else.