chapel perilous

The downtime we all apparently asked for psychically has given me the chance to launch a new podcast. My buddy Corey Cooley and I named the thing Chapel Perilous, as a kind of homage to Robert Anton Wilson, who we both love. It’s a comedy podcast that attempts, as Wilson did, to dismantle ideologies. If […]

slow return to normalcy

I hope all of you are wearing at least three masks while reading this. Good news and bad news. In exchange for your first and fourth amendment rights, you will be receiving several stipends from daddy Trump. Also, my site is being updated, but it’s best you get several vaccines before viewing the new content. […]

show cancellations due to genetic warfare

To avoid any de-ranking I won’t address the recent hullabaloo by name, but suffice it to say that the disease that Harvard scientist cooked up has had a big impact on the entertainment world, and all of my shows in late March have been cancelled or postponed. This is the worst thing to happen to […]

headlining new club in Boulder!

Tonight I’m headlining a brand new comedy club called Laugh Lines in Boulder. I started in Boulder and I’m very excited that my first real club headlining gig (where I’m not a co-headliner) is back where I started. Tickets are sold out but if you have some amanita pantherina I can pull some strings for […]


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Alan Bromwell is a stand-up comedian and writer from Denver, Colorado. He recently won the inaugural season of the upcoming television series Stand Up! which is set to air in late 2020. He was also a performer on Comedy Central’s Up Next Showcase. He can be heard on Denver’s Comedy 103.1 FM, where he has been featured as Comic of the Week. He was a headlining performer at the 2020 Pensacola Comedy Festival and the 2018 Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He is a paid regular at the Comedy Works.